Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Due to quarterly inventory, the blog's on hiatus for a few days. I hope to get back to it later this week, with exciting entries on such things as:

KOLCHAK: THE NIGHT STALKER -- Essentially, what scared the hell out of you as a kid now makes you look like an ass.

WHATEVER HAPPENED TO JAY HILBURN? -- a burning question many people want answered from Yukon High School. What happened to the guy we all wanted to hang around with and who provided us with liquor for all those band trips?

ZODIAC -- Best film ever? Maybe not quite, but it does remind me why I liked teaching people about film so much.

THE UNQUIET DEAD -- An entire entry devoted to the third story of the revived Doctor Who. Why it made me a believer in the new series, and why I almost cry every time I watch it.

B-MOVIE HEAVEN -- I look at some of my favorite B-movies, define the term, and fan-wank all over them.

FANDANGO -- the movie I "discovered" and forced people to watch over and over again as some sort of life experience. I watched it for the first time in about 20 years. How'd it hold up?

Basically, more of the same, but with less Apple.

Working on entries about the "Trip to Altantia" and why, contrary to Oscar Wilde, I love it when my friends become successful.

See you then.


Mark said...

I hope work doesn't postpone it too much: 40 entries in 40 days is writing suicide, if you ask me . . . That said, I still expect 40 entries, even if you write past your self-imposed deadline.

sadkingjonathan said...